Claim your GW Email Address/NetID


Claim Your GW Email Address/NetID

Create a new GW NetID/email address: (if you are new to GW, you must create a GW NetID/email address to allow access to GW email, Blackboard and other technology services)

Secure your account: Select your challenge questions (if you already have a NetID but have not yet claimed your account)

GW Email/NetID Account Management Application for Password changes and Challenge question setup

Forgot Password: If you forgot or need to change your NetID/email password, you will need to enter your GWid and successfully answer your security questions to reset it.

Security Advisory
GW's identity management system enables access to important information related to your role at the university. It is crucial to never share your GW login credentials with anyone.

Please remember that you should always be wary of messages requesting account verification, confirmation or upgrade, payment or personal information such as your passwords, GWid, Social Security number or credit card information.

If you have questions about the validity of a link you see or a message you receive:

• Forward it to

• Or contact the IT Support Center at 202-994-GWIT (4948)

• Or Technology assistance is available through the IT Support Center 24 hours a day

Learn more about how you can help keep your information and GW secure at:
The U in Security - A 2-minute training module.