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Create a new GW NetID/email address: (If you are new to GW, you must create a GW NetID/email address to allow access to GW email, Blackboard and other technology services)
Secure your account: Select your challenge questions (If you already have a NetID but have not yet claimed your account)

Password Policy

Please choose a password that contains:

  1. At least one special character from !$%^&*()-_+={}[]|/?,.~
  2. Minimum of eight and does not exceed 20 characters.
  3. At least one upper case letter and one number.
Your new password cannot contain:
  1. Your first, middle, last or preferred name.
  2. Your NetID.
  3. Your GWID.
  4. Special characters that are not allowed <>
You cannot reuse any of your previous eight (8) passwords.

Reset/Forgot Password: If you forgot or need to change your password, you will need to enter your GWID and successfully verify your identity by using the method you setup at registration. (phone, SMS, email, security questions, or the MS authentication application)

Security Advisory!

If you have questions about the validity of a link you see or a message you receive:

Learn more about how you can help keep your information and GW secure at:
      The U in Security A 2-minute training module.